Windermere Day 3

Hi blog readers, today was an exceptional day due to the variety of activities from quizzes to long walks roaming around Windermere.  Luckily, The BBC weather forecasters were wrong (not a coincidence!) and we stayed dry! Hurrah.

As the weather was sunny we ventured on a long walk to Troutbeck village in search of the Post-Office, which had changed into a community store.  Unfortunately only half of us were able to buy ice-creams (yes it was that dry) as the shop was only open until 12.30.    That wasn’t the only surprise.  Later in an unknown field in the Cumbrian highlands Mrs Robinson went on an unexpected trip, involving grass, water and sheep poo!

After lunch we painted the phenomenal view from the youth hostel which ranged from the mountains to the lake to a baby deer grazing happily. Shortly after as young Sherlock Holmes’ we completed a quiz which led us to treasure – chocolate!

Tonight we’re swapping our sweaty walking boots to our party clothes and we’re going to dance the night away at our disco!

Hopefully tomorrow won’t be too fishy! Goodnight to all readers see you tomorrow.

Credits: Zaki, Elise Warden, Ella


Blog Day 3
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Windermere Day 2 2013

Hi folks, it’s us again but today writing it’s Holly, Rhiannon and Savannah.

Waking up this morning, we looked out of the window to see that it was not what we hoped. It was POURING IT DOWN! However, later it changed and became SUNNY.

Enthusiastically, dressed in our water proofs, we stepped outside to see our surroundings.

Despite the weather, it is a beautiful and a wonderful place to look at. We set off on our walk…

Striding out , Mrs Robinson led the way. Hurrying to catch up, we trotted along and finally reached our destination .  At Brockhole , everyone enjoyed playing on the adventure play ground .

We had a lovely tea.

Missing you but having lots of fun.

Goodnight from year 6.xxxx

p.s. Mrs Farrar claims to have seen camels. But did she imagine them?


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Windermere Day 1

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If this video will not play, try right clicking the red writing below the video and saving it to your computer then watching it.  It worked for me icon smile Windermere Day 1

Happy Birthday

birthday cake Happy BirthdayWe have some special birthday messages today.

Happy Brithday Mum – sorry it’s a bit late but I’m having so much fun.  Have a lovely day.  Lots of love Elise XXX

Hi Mum and Dad, having a good time – how are you?  So glad to get away from Chloe but I miss you guys.  Thank you for the birthday card.  Love Aaron XXX

News from Windermere

I have just spoken with Miss Renton who asked me to let you know that everyone slept soundly  and peacefully last night!! (Absolutely unheard of!) She said that everyone is fine and having a fabulous time.

They are still having real problems getting any internet connection so it may be that she rings me and I do the posting on behalf of the children.

If we can think of any way to get the pictures to you, we will! ……….. How long does it take to train a carrier pigeon??

Windermere Day 1 2013


Welcome to our year 6 residential trip to Windermere. We’re having  lots of fun here and we hope you parents are also having as much FUN as we are. We sincerely hope you are, though you’re probably stuck with our angelic siblings- which can’t be so heavenly!

Hi parents and carers this is a pupil {Harry Bateman} so far we have all had an amazing time. Speeding down the zip wire at **** mph was exhilarating! Climbing like monkeys on the Jacobs ladder was gripping! The argo cat made every one scream with excitement! No one was shot during our archery session. Erin says {on behalf of the girls} that it was humorous that the boys were confident that they could jump the wall on the  assault course but when splat straight into it. How ever, Lewis impressed every body by flying over the wall with great ease. not wait for another activity to come.

It is the night of our first day and we are all shattered and can not wait for a chillax, a comfy bed and a good night’s  sleep.

Night night sleep tight hope the bugs don’t bite.

**Sorry no pictures yet, they are all ready to upload but the internet keeps dropping out we will get them uploaded for you a.s.a.p.**




Internet issues

I’ve just received a message from  Miss Renton that the internet connection at the youth hostel is down at the moment so they are unable to upload their blog content.  It will be uploaded as soon as they possibly can.

Reminder for parents that when you post a comment to the blog it will not appear straight away.  That is because it needs to be ‘moderated’ by a member of staff (usually me or Miss Renton), that way we make sure that only parents, family and friends can post onto our sites.

Windermere 2013

Welcome to this year’s Windermere blog.  Our Year 6 children should be posting shortly so please keep checking back.

Windermere Day 4

Dear Children, Mums and Dads,

I’m pretty sure by the time you read this; you’ll definitely have had a very long sleep. I know I certainly have!

I am delighted to report on behalf of the staff, both from Wilsden, the Youth Hostel and any stray sheep that some of us encountered, that you have been superstars this week and a credit to yourselves and the school.

Thank you Mums and Dads for the lovely comments you made on our blog, we thoroughly enjoyed reading them every night, especially your pet names!

I hope you all have a restful weekend and see you at school on Monday!

Miss Renton

P.S. You’re going to have to rely on your own alarm clocks!

Look at the clip below to see our final day on the lake cruise and at the Aquarium of the Lakes.

Windermere Day 4



Windermere – Day 3

Dear family and friends,

Today has been awesome! We have: walked a considerable way; run around the youth hostel grounds; painted the beautiful view using water colours and then hunted for ‘treasure’. Here is what we did…

This morning we went on a quiz walk through the village. Answering questions along the way, we stopped off at a post office. There we bought ice-cream. Yum!

ice cream cone smiley emoticon Windermere Day 3

After eating a delicious packed lunch, we sat down inside to paint. We can now fill a gallery with our masterpieces!

Concealed in the grounds were clues to find, each leading to the next one. Eventually, we gathered all the letters which would make a phrase – Troutbeck Youth Hostel.  It was exhausting!

Unfortunately, it’s our last day tomorrow. However, we are looking forward to seeing you!

From Georgia A and Oliver

 Windermere 2012 day 3