Keep on rollin’…

Another fabulous day in the sun!  A treasure hunt trail around Troutbeck village, a picnic lunch over looking Windermere and an afternoon building dens in the woods.

A few pictures of today:0181 300x225 Keep on rollin... 0191 300x225 Keep on rollin... 0211 300x225 Keep on rollin... 0241 300x225 Keep on rollin... 028 300x225 Keep on rollin... 030 300x225 Keep on rollin... 031 300x225 Keep on rollin... 032 300x225 Keep on rollin... 033 300x225 Keep on rollin... 034 300x225 Keep on rollin... 035 300x225 Keep on rollin... 036 300x225 Keep on rollin... 042 300x161 Keep on rollin... 005 300x225 Keep on rollin... 006 300x225 Keep on rollin... 007 300x225 Keep on rollin... 008 300x225 Keep on rollin... 0091 300x225 Keep on rollin... 010 300x225 Keep on rollin... 011 225x300 Keep on rollin... 012 300x225 Keep on rollin... 004 300x225 Keep on rollin... 0051 300x225 Keep on rollin... 0061 300x225 Keep on rollin... 0071 300x225 Keep on rollin... 0081 300x225 Keep on rollin...

We have had a fabulous week so far.  Your children have been amazing and you should be very proud of them.  We have enjoyed watching them grow and cement friendships that we hope will continue as they move on.  Thank you for lending them to us.

Mrs Nixon, Miss Walker, Mrs Kendall, Mrs Robinson, Mrs Fitzpatrick, Miss Fox, Mrs Walsh and Mr Newton.


Good morning!

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments – your children are really enjoying hearing them.  Apologies if you have not seen pictures of your child – we are trying to get everyone on but the connection is a little hit and miss!

The children (and staff) all slept like logs last night and we even had to wake some children up this morning!  A more chilled out day today planned – a walk with a treasure hunt down to Troutbeck, a picnic lunch and then fun in the woods this afternoon.

Mrs Nixon, Miss Walker and crew

And there’s more….

231 225x300 And theres more....

Year 6 problem solving – working out how to get the rubbish in the bin… We’ll say no more on that one!!

045 300x225 And theres more....

046 300x225 And theres more....

Fun in the sun!

Sun cream, sun glasses, hats and ice creams were the order of the day!  We awoke to the sun breaking through the cloud which soon cleared to give us a glorious day in the sunshine.  The children have been exceptionally well behaved today which was even commented on by members of the public!!Before we set out to walk the 4 miles to Brockhole:

002 300x225 Fun in the sun!

009 300x225 Fun in the sun!
Heigh ho heigh ho it’s off to Brockhole we go!!


014 225x300 Fun in the sun!
Are you serious? Youe really expect US to walk up THERE??!!


016 300x225 Fun in the sun!
But all agreed the view from the top was worth it.

017 300x225 Fun in the sun!

018 300x225 Fun in the sun! 019 300x225 Fun in the sun! 020 300x225 Fun in the sun! 021 300x225 Fun in the sun! 022 300x225 Fun in the sun! 023 300x225 Fun in the sun! 024 300x225 Fun in the sun! 025 300x225 Fun in the sun! 026 300x225 Fun in the sun!

181 300x225 Fun in the sun!
An encounter with a “bunch” of sheep – the shepherd’s words not ours!!




192 300x225 Fun in the sun! 194 300x225 Fun in the sun! 197 300x225 Fun in the sun! 211 300x225 Fun in the sun! 220 300x225 Fun in the sun!

225 300x225 Fun in the sun!

Before walking home

057 300x225 Fun in the sun!

Is this Lake Windermere?


Couldn’t resist these quotes from the children!  No names but parents can you recognise your child in these?

059 225x300 Fun in the sun!

Is this a steep hill?

065 225x300 Fun in the sun!

Are we there yet?


073 225x300 Fun in the sun!

Oh is that a real flower? I thought it was just for decoration…


076 300x225 Fun in the sun!

Oh look they’ve had a haircut!


077 300x225 Fun in the sun!

A tired but happy bunch arrive back at the hostel.


The children are really enjoying hearing your comments on the blog.  We hope you enjoy the pictures.  The internet connection is very slow – it has taken us 2 hours to upload these so apologies if you don’t get as many tomorrow.

Mrs Nixon, Miss Walker, Mrs Kendal and all!!





Good Morning!

A lie in until 7am followed by a hearty 3 course breakfast with image12 300x225 Good Morning!a view overlooking the view. Life doesn’t get much better than this!


All the children (and adults) slept well and are looking forward to a walk to Brockhole in the sun…(fingers crossed).

Miss Walker and Mrs Nixon

image 225x300 image1 300x225 image2 300x225 image3 300x225 image4 300x225 image5 300x225 image6 300x225 image7 300x225 image8 300x225 image9 225x300 image10 225x300 image11 225x300

After a relatively comfortable journey (only one deposit in the sick bucket) we arrived in the sunshine at Rookin House.  The children, and adults, have had an adventurous time leaping faithfully from a tree, careering up and down dale in an Argo cat, firing arrows  hopefully, scrambling over an assault course and generally having a whale of a time!

After a scrumptious meal the children are now being entertained by The Owl Man with his fascinating collection of rescued owls including a 6 week old owl chick

The children are all happy and safe and send a big hello!

Mrs Nixon, Miss Walker and Miss Fox

Windermere 2014

Just to let you all know that they have arrived safely at the Youth Hostel after having an absolutely fantastic day at Rookin House.  I am reliably informed by Mrs Nixon that they will be updating the blog and adding some photos in the next couple of hours. icon smile Windermere 2014

Windermere Day 3

Hi blog readers, today was an exceptional day due to the variety of activities from quizzes to long walks roaming around Windermere.  Luckily, The BBC weather forecasters were wrong (not a coincidence!) and we stayed dry! Hurrah.

As the weather was sunny we ventured on a long walk to Troutbeck village in search of the Post-Office, which had changed into a community store.  Unfortunately only half of us were able to buy ice-creams (yes it was that dry) as the shop was only open until 12.30.    That wasn’t the only surprise.  Later in an unknown field in the Cumbrian highlands Mrs Robinson went on an unexpected trip, involving grass, water and sheep poo!

After lunch we painted the phenomenal view from the youth hostel which ranged from the mountains to the lake to a baby deer grazing happily. Shortly after as young Sherlock Holmes’ we completed a quiz which led us to treasure – chocolate!

Tonight we’re swapping our sweaty walking boots to our party clothes and we’re going to dance the night away at our disco!

Hopefully tomorrow won’t be too fishy! Goodnight to all readers see you tomorrow.

Credits: Zaki, Elise Warden, Ella


Blog Day 3
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Windermere Day 2 2013

Hi folks, it’s us again but today writing it’s Holly, Rhiannon and Savannah.

Waking up this morning, we looked out of the window to see that it was not what we hoped. It was POURING IT DOWN! However, later it changed and became SUNNY.

Enthusiastically, dressed in our water proofs, we stepped outside to see our surroundings.

Despite the weather, it is a beautiful and a wonderful place to look at. We set off on our walk…

Striding out , Mrs Robinson led the way. Hurrying to catch up, we trotted along and finally reached our destination .  At Brockhole , everyone enjoyed playing on the adventure play ground .

We had a lovely tea.

Missing you but having lots of fun.

Goodnight from year 6.xxxx

p.s. Mrs Farrar claims to have seen camels. But did she imagine them?


[KGVID width="640" height="360" downloadlink="true"][/KGVID]

Windermere Day 1

[KGVID width="640" height="360" downloadlink="true"][/KGVID]

If this video will not play, try right clicking the red writing below the video and saving it to your computer then watching it.  It worked for me icon smile Windermere Day 1